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[KIN Replenishing Balm] has done more for me than name brand lotions said to target eczema and dry skin. It has cleared up my dry patches in no time."

--Ruby B., Alabama, USA

"You did your thing with this lip balm! It healed my lips quickly, lasts, and smells good! I've even had friends compliment my lips! I've used Blistex for years, and this has done way better than the Blistex."

--Anonymous, Alabama, USA

"The replenishing balm is a miracle worker! Yes it’s used for healing cracked heels but it can also be used anywhere on the skin. I used it on my face and it made my skin so smooth and is also removing blemishes from my skin. Way to go KIN"

--JRT (01/31/2022)
"The new scalp and body mist I sampled is awesome. My hair is in braids and it has relieved the tension and kept the moisture. The smell is delightful and I also use it as a moisturizer on hand and face."
-- Rita B. (06/25/2022)
“I love the new scalp and body mist! It provides me with immediate relief from the itchiness of hives and smells amazing! It is a must have!” 
-- Tisha B., Alabama, USA
I’ve struggled with a scalp irritation that’s not dandruff or eczema. The dermatologist recommended some medicated shampoos, none of which have given me the relief that KIN Mystic Mist has afforded me. And the fragrance is a plus. It’s also less expensive than the shampoos.
-- Fred B. (02/09/2023)